How you can benefit from working with a VA


If you are a small business owner, you may not have a Secretary or Assistant in your office to support you with admin or marketing.

Tasks like designing flyers, composing letters, formatting reports, updating websites, creating PowerPoint presentations or scheduling social media can add hours to your already busy schedule, and might mean you work late or go into the office on the weekend.

“Many hands make light work”, John Heywood

If you have a lot on your plate, you may feel overwhelmed, stressed or worried that you won't get all your important tasks completed.

That's where delegating tasks to someone like a VA can be of a benefit to you!

When I work with a client, not only am I hired to deliver an outcome but also to take away any pressure and feelings of overwhelm of the business owner.

If you have task that frustrates you or you’re unsure how to get something created, that’s where I can step in and help you out of a jam!

“Julie was able to to help me get over my overwhelm, to get to the point of what I needed to revamp my website, and then got it done. She was patient, efficient, a creative problem solver, and communicated clearly on time frames and completed tasks. I'll be using her again.” Mendy Neralic, Clinical Psychologist & Yoga Teacher

How I communicate with my clients

By having regular communication, and a clear understanding of the client's needs and timeframes, I ensure that tasks are completed in an efficient manner.

I provide regular updates so the client understands where I’m up to on a project or if I am waiting on something from them. Whether it’s by phone, email or a Zoom meeting.

"Julie was wonderful to work with. Understood and delivered the job according to the brief, quickly and efficiently. Her design skills are fantastic, would not hesitate to use her again in the future!" Susan Popovski, Director, The Tale Agency

I believe it’s important to have a good relationship with your virtual assistant and provide them with all the information they need so they can get the job done for you correctly and efficiently.

Australian VAs are worth their weight in gold

Most people have this idea that Australian VAs are expensive. VAs may charge by the hour, fixed fee or a set package, depending on the task you need completed.


“If you are looking for some time-savings to manage web content and business support, Julie at JAM is an effective and efficient resource able to reduce your administrative burden….” Richard Johnson, Director, Aspect Environmental

While you may be charged by the hour for a task, you have to remember that what you are really paying for is a finished outcome by a professional business owner who has a number of years experience under their belt, and the expertise you require.

Australian vs Offshore VAs

Over the years the VA industry has become a competitive field with an increasing number of offshore virtual assistants/agencies becoming more popular. While the offshore VAs may appear cheaper, you need to consider potential issues such as delays with responding to urgent tasks with different time zones, if there is any misunderstanding with language barriers (maybe they've read your email wrong), production costs (where a task is outsourced to a company in another country) and whether they abide by Australian business rules, privacy laws & regulations.

While working with offshore VAs may appear beneficial to your budget, please remember that they deserve to be treated fairly and with respect just like any Australian virtual assistant. While offshore VAs have a lower cost of living, they still need to cover costs such as NBN, mobile phone calls, wages etc, and any extra may go towards a family holiday! Pay them what they deserve not because you think it’s cheap.

Virtual support is our jam!

By working with JAM, you can be assured that work will be completed to your timeframe & budget, that you receive regular updates on projects, and that we follow the Australian business rules, privacy laws & regulations.

Get in contact with me today if you would like to know more about my services, or if you wish to book a free consultation and discuss a task you need help with.