At JAM Business Support Services we offer a wide range of services:

Desktop Publishing & Design -  these types of tasks take time to create. By utilising our services, you can focus on growing your business.

  • Design & layout of publications and marketing material.
  • Develop material in keeping with your company's "look & feel" or corporate identity guidelines.
  • Produce your events, marketing & communications material to give it a uniformed look.
  • Format complex documentation, manuals, book chapters, working papers, reports, fact sheets etc.
  • Develop flowcharts, graphs or infographics.
  • Supply finished artwork in a print-ready format.
  • Photo manipulation/retouching, scanning,
  • Create online surveys or newsletters.
  • Source royalty-free imagery.
  • Liaise with external suppliers (e.g.) oversee printing and arrange delivery.



    Web Content Management & Blogging - maintaining a website or blog can become time-consuming. Why not delegate these type of tasks to us, so you concentrate of generating new business.

    • Web page development utilising a content management system (e.g. TeamSite), tailor-made or web platforms (i.e. Squarespace, WordPress, Blogger, Weebly, or Wix).
    • Review your content to ensure it is up-to-date, intuitive and user-friendly.
    • Provide ongoing maintenance of your website. 
    • Provide advice on enhancements to your website; such as changes to navigation menus, labelling, or position of content on your site.
    • Provide research on suitable topics for your website or blog.
    • Create graphics or retouch photos for your company's website or blog.
    • Research suitable affiliations, bloggers or influencers for your blog, website or social media.
    • Blog creation - we can work closely with you on composing posts for your blog, scheduling posts and updates on social media, cross-promote your posts with affiliates, bloggers or business partners, reply to readers comments.
    • Create web optimized PDF files.


      Secretarial / Admin - we can assist with the repetitive, day-to-day mundane tasks which frees-up your calendar:

      • Compose correspondence, emails, or reports.
      • Format training manuals, book chapters, proposals, thesis, etc.
      • Recreate outdated material in Microsoft Word or other formats.
      • Create charts or graphs from Excel data.
      • Create templates including style headings for Word documents or PowerPoint presentations.
      • Create PowerPoint presentations.
      • Convert files to print-ready and web optimized formats.
      • Database creation and input.
      • Write images to CD/DVDs.
      • Scan documents, and photographs.
      • Setup mail merge letters, labels etc.
      • Event coordination - arrange travel, book venues, arrange speakers, create communications & marketing material, organise printing etc.
      • Liaise with external suppliers on your behalf.

      Social media management while social media is a very useful tool for attracting clients and marketing your business, it can also be time consuming for a business owner. By delegating your social media management to us, you can spend time reconnecting with your clients in person!

      • Develop a social media presence for your company on platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Google+ etc.

      • Create infographics, graphics or collages for your company's Social media accounts.

      • Research suitable affiliations, bloggers or influencers for your blog, website or social media.


      Rates & Expenses

      By hiring a freelancer such as a virtual assistant you need not worry about personal or recreational leave, insurance, and other employee entitlements such as superannuation, or cost for administration. Therefore, our charges are more affordable than employing a permanent staff member.

      Our fees are competitive with the ongoing rates for virtual assistants in the marketplace and include;

      Hourly rate:

      Our rates start from as low as $45 per hour with tasks billed at 1/4 hour increments, minimum $45.00 ($ are in Australian dollars, GST inclusive)

      For project work:

      We are happy to work with you on any project you might need assistance with. All project work will be quoted a fixed price once we have received a brief from you detailing your requirements. To ensure of our availability, we require 20% of the total amount to be paid upfront.

      Prepaid monthly packages: 

      If you are seeking help on a regular basis, we offer monthly packages. Read more about our packages here

      Additional expenses:

      Occasionally, there may be circumstances where part of a job needs to be outsourced to a specialist (i.e. Printer) therefore any additional costs will be discussed with you beforehand to ensure it can be factored into your budget. Other additional expenses might include: phone calls, printing, special stationery, taxi, travel, parking, couriers, these are all additional and will be itemised on the tax invoice.

      Get in touch with us if wish to know more about our services, or discuss our rates.

      You can find details of our terms and conditions here.