At JAM Business Support Services we offer a wide range of services:

Desktop Publishing & Design -  these types of tasks take time to create. By utilising our services, you can focus on growing your business.

  • Design & layout of publications and marketing material.

  • Develop material in keeping with your company's "look & feel" or corporate identity guidelines.

  • Produce your events, marketing & communications material to give it a uniformed look.

  • Format complex documentation, manuals, book chapters, working papers, reports, fact sheets etc.

  • Develop flowcharts, graphs or infographics.

  • Supply finished artwork in a print-ready format.

  • Photo manipulation/retouching, scanning,

  • Create online surveys or newsletters.

  • Source royalty-free imagery.

  • Liaise with external suppliers (e.g.) oversee printing and arrange delivery.



Web Content Management & Blogging - maintaining a website or blog can become time-consuming. Why not delegate these type of tasks to us, so you concentrate of generating new business.

  • Web page development utilising a content management system (e.g. TeamSite), tailor-made or web platforms (i.e. Squarespace, WordPress, Blogger, Weebly, or Wix).

  • Review your content to ensure it is up-to-date, intuitive and user-friendly.

  • Provide ongoing maintenance of your website.

  • Provide advice on enhancements to your website; such as changes to navigation menus, labelling, or position of content on your site.

  • Provide research on suitable topics for your website or blog.

  • Create graphics or retouch photos for your company's website or blog.

  • Research suitable affiliations, bloggers or influencers for your blog, website or social media.

  • Blog creation - we can work closely with you on composing posts for your blog, scheduling posts and updates on social media, cross-promote your posts with affiliates, bloggers or business partners, reply to readers comments.

  • Create web optimized PDF files.


Secretarial / Admin - we can assist with the repetitive, day-to-day mundane tasks which frees-up your calendar:

  • Compose correspondence, emails, or reports.

  • Format training manuals, book chapters, proposals, thesis, etc.

  • Recreate outdated material in Microsoft Word or other formats.

  • Create charts or graphs from Excel data.

  • Create templates including style headings for Word documents or PowerPoint presentations.

  • Create PowerPoint presentations.

  • Convert files to print-ready and web optimized formats.

  • Database creation and input.

  • Write images to CD/DVDs.

  • Scan documents, and photographs.

  • Setup mail merge letters, labels etc.

  • Event coordination - arrange travel, book venues, arrange speakers, create communications & marketing material, organise printing etc.

  • Liaise with external suppliers on your behalf.


Social media management – while social media is a very useful tool for attracting clients and marketing your business, it can also be time consuming for a business owner. By delegating your social media management to us, you can spend time reconnecting with your clients in person!

  • Develop a social media presence for your company on platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Google+ etc.

  • Create infographics, graphics or collages for your company's Social media accounts.

  • Research suitable affiliations, bloggers or influencers for your blog, website or social media.