5 tips to creating a web presence for your business

Have you started a new business but haven't created a website?

Sometimes it can take months to write, develop and launch a website. Some Business owners make the mistake of publishing a single landing page with “Website coming soon!” plastered across it, because they are eager for their company to have a web presence, but don't provide any useful information.

Over the past couple of weeks I have been sharing tips on my Facebook & Instagram accounts on creating a web presence for your business. 

If you missed my posts, you can find all the tips here!

TIP #1 - Utilising social media

While you are building your website it's a good idea to link your domain name to one of your businesses social media accounts. For example, a Facebook Business page.

By linking your domain name to the Facebook page (or other social media account) this avoids the “This site cannot be reached” message appearing when someone searches your domain name. It also provides a web presence for your business while your site is being built. As soon as your website is up and running, the domain name can be linked to your website.

TIP #2 - Registering a domain name

Have you bought a domain name for your website yet?

Don't leave it too long or you might miss out on the one you want!

Make sure you do your homework, and research names that are available, and decide what type of extension it will have - .com, .com.au, or .net.au. It's a good idea to keep a list of names you like, and check them off as you go, so you can remember what names are already taken.

When thinking of a domain name, remember short & simple works well. The name should describe your business and be memorable to your customers, so they can easily look you up on the web. You don't want to lose customers by registering a name that's hard to remember, or by sending them to an address that is similar to someone else...it could send them to a competitor!

TIP #3 - Providing a call to action

If you are at the build stage of your website, and want to publish a temporary landing page so your business has a web presence, remember to add a call to action!

A call to action could be - a file to download, asking potential customers to phone or email a contact person in your company, or an enquiry form that asks customers to complete and submit the form if they wish to know more information.

In this day and age, customers want to receive information instantly, so unless you provide a simple call to action on your page, they may look for the information elsewhere! You don’t want a simple mistake such as not supplying contact details lose you potential clients to another business!

TIP #4 - Making your website accessible & user-friendly

When developing your website, its important that your site is user-friendly, and accessible to all users. There are many ways to make your website accessible - from how it is written to structuring content, utilising bullet points & heading styles, adding alt labels to your images, using descriptive link names - to adding meta tags so search engines can find your web pages.

User-friendly is a term used to make your website easy to use. By having a simplistic layout, and clear, descriptive navigation menus (labels) not only will this assist users in finding the information they want quickly, but also easily.

By creating an accessible website, it makes your content available to a wider audience, and increases traffic to your site.

TIP #5 - Using keywords

To have your website rank highly on a search engine like Google, you should think of keywords that best describes your business, brand, product or service.

Have a think of terms users might be searching when looking for information about your business or the type of product you offer.

By populating your web pages with those keywords you will assist search engines in finding your content, and ranking it according to the keyword the user searched.

Using brand related keywords, may yield a higher ranking in search results than a generic keyword. Thereby delivering more traffic to your website, and building a better web presence for your business.

Is there any other tips you would add? Love to hear your thoughts!

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